Demanding Good(s)

A reference guide to responsible shopping.


About me?

I’m a young Industrial Designer that has tasted many different faces of design and its impact. Design can be a wonderful thing- a perfect answer to some of the toughest questions. Design can also be a very destructive force- attracting us to its beauty and forcing us into our commercial habits. Don’t get me wrong- I do love design and quality goods. But it’s the development of goods- for the simple sake of commercialism, for the sake of self preservation of stuff, and the total disregard of its impact that I am finding unacceptable.  This project is my effort to begin a change of habit, educate our decisions, and improve ourselves- while maintaining our quest for nice things to make us happy.

This blog will be a growing reference for more responsible shopping and gifting. Everything I post will have some kind of added bonus to the product (or company). By purchasing these products, or supporting these companies, we will encourage a better global community to emerge. By demanding our products to be made more responsibly, or by demanding the support of less fortunate communities we will promote growth in the companies that contribute to society in more ways than paycheck- and someday remove those companies that are exploiting its workers and the global resources for a few more points on the DOW.

Please join me- and shop more responsibly. Use this as a starting point to discovering all the extra potential your purchase can achieve.

The things I list will not be limited to one method or type of responsibility. I will include any and all that I find to be of good quality products- and a good business model or development method. From Fair Trade, proceeds to charity, One for One campaigns, all natural, recycled, carbon neutral and more. So come back often, and spread the word.

Cheers, to a better world.


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