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World Wildlife Fund



The World Wildlife Fund has been working for over 50 years toward a future where people and nature can exist in harmony. With projects running in 100 countries, and being supported by 5 million members globally they are protecting species, conserving places, transforming businesses, tackling climate change and working with communities. Their work is driven by science based solutions– and passion. They involve action at every level- from local communities to government policies to improve our planet.

It is truly amazing the outreach this organization has, and the work they are doing on all levels. Their impact will only improve our world, and they need our help to keep them going. I won’t normally post articles that direct my readers to a charity- however you can support this organization through purchasing a gift for one of your loved ones. Especially the kids in your life- who didn’t love animals as a child!?

There are so many options to lend your support without simply sending them a check. Take a look through the WWF gift shop and pick up something special for someone in your life, and at the same time tell the world that our planet is important.

They offer free e-cards you can send to friends and family for a pick-me-up.

Like this animated elephant hug card.

Using one of these lovelies you can help spread the word about WWF and their cause.

For a one time donation of $50 – $75 USD you can purchase a bucket adoption kit which will include a bucket stuffed with plush toy animals, a formal adoption certificate, a 5×7″ color photo, a species spotlight card filled with interesting facts, an acknowledgement of your gift all with  free shipping. Great for the kids.

Or – you can make a monthly symbolic adoption from $10-$20 USD per month. With this donation you can choose a similar symbolic adoption kit with the plush toy, photo, species spotlight card and tote.

Their gift shop offers a lot of nice options: outdoor gear, clothes, PJ’s, bags, mugs  pet supplies and more. Who can resist that wonderful panda logo anyway? If you have the extra funds you can become a “Guardian” and receive a beautiful framed color photograph with an informative card explaining the WWF’s work related to the photo. Guardian gifts begin at $250USD

ALSO, for those of you who I still can’t convince WWF also partners with a travel agency. When you travel with WWF, a portion of your tour cost goes to support WWF’s global conservation efforts. With destinations in: Africa, Asia, India, Europe, Latin America & North America, Caribbean, Polar Regions and the South Pacific. You may also select a wildlife type, and a tour type- from leisure to adventure. Make your next trip with the World Wildlife Fund, and grab some gear from their store before you go!


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